The History of La Chouanniere
La Chouanniere was built in the 16th century and is constructed entirely of the local white ‘Tuffeau’ stone. For a long time it was the farm of the Chateau des Hayes whose estate covered many acres in the area.

La chouannière and its dovecote tower

The Castle of the Hayes

The chateau was the home of the Lords of Hayes from as early as 1221. Major changes to the chateau took place in the 18th century. In the 19th century it was used mainly for grand hunting parties given by the owner the Marquis of Montesquiou.

In the past, the Hayes estate comprised of the chateau and all its various outbuildings. The Marquis constructed these buildings around 1900, in the style of an English village, in order to please his English wife who wanted to have a piece of England in Anjou.

Aerial view of the domain

Tuffeau is the special white building stone of Anjou and the Loire Valley that lends such elegance to the chateaux and beautiful houses. Its geological characteristics make it ideal for mushroom cultivation, wine cellars and the construction of troglodyte dwelling caves, all of which can be visited near the banks of the river Loire.

Tuffeau window


More tuffeau

La Chouanniere has seen many transformations over the years, from a farm building used for calving, to an art gallery, and then a sculptor’s studio, some of whose works can still be seen. Now it is the home of Gilles and Patricia who converted it into a Guest House in July 2000.

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